Det kan finnas många anledningar till varför man tränar. Varför man mobiliserar sina sista krafter efter en lång arbetsdag till att lyfta skrot på ett gym istället för att åka hem och slappna av i TV-soffan. Jag tycker att Dave Draper (Mr Olympia 1964) får till det väldigt bra i sin essä publicerad i senaste numret av Flex Magazine (Aug-15). Han skriver så här om varför han tränar:

"There's health, muscle and might for starters. Not bad. There's the fun of lifting weights and the exciting challenge it presents, the physical pushing and pulling and stretching, the intelligent formation of exercises, movements and routines, and the tantalizing pumping, burning and striving. 

Weight training is a dynamic diversion providing strong camaraderie, identification and hope. Few pastimes provide more benefits, rewards and fulfillment.

Training builds discipline, perseverance and patience. Mountains are climbed with these superior chracteristics, lives are saved, and nations are shaped. Tough exercise puts order and rhythm in our lives, diminishing confusion and reducing stress, and that's worth more than a few strips to a psychiatrist's couch.

It was the doing it that was good. And it's the doing it that continues to be good. Lift weights for fame, glory and money and you miss the point entirely. If you don't understand what I'm saying, I can't explain it."

Dave Draper (vänster i bild) tillsammans med Arnold Schwarzenegger och Frank Zane på Golds Gym i Venice (foto av Artie Zeller).